The physical toll

3 months of restless baby hasn’t just been wearing on me mentally, physically I’m broken and there is basically no let up. Other bits of me are just gradually breaking and I’m quickly losing my options for comfort.

I took to feeding him lying in bed some time ago, this saved my upper back and shoulders. My left sacroiliac joint would regularly be an issue, as would my left shoulder, so I lay on my right to feed and my back to sleep.

Once he moved into his own room I fed him in the chair, but when I wrecked my back when he first got poorly, I couldn’t do this as I couldn’t get put of the chair. Now I basically can’t get comfortable anywhere as my right sacroiliac joint is causing me huge amounts of discomfort, no matter how I lie! Leo is still really struggling with his cough and congestion in general, so we are muddling through still. He’s basically git upset hourly again tonight, so I gave in and fed him at 3 but he’s that congested that I’ve got him lying upright on me and I’ve given up on the idea of sleep as my pelvis is giving me too much grief unless I sit straight up too.. Hey ho, another Netflix session and docs next week and most importantly, we have a happy baby back in the day, so that’s worth it all.


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