Finally, some decent sunshine

But with the sunshine, comes the pollen and it means I can’t breath!

I’m lying in bed, baby snores in one ear and morning chorus in the other. It’s really lovely, two beautiful sounds to make up for the fact I’ve had 2 hours sleep. I do have a slight love hate relationship with the morning chorus, but this morning it’s lovely.

Leo was restless and coughing from midnight and wouldn’t settle, Tom was too hot holding him, so I have sat up with him. I ended up feeding him to settle the cough and he went into a deep sleep again around 3ish.

I’m really struggling with my right sacroiliac joint, it’s normally the left one that gives me grief but I can’t even lie on my back tonight as it’s so painful. I think it’s from having Leo in with me so much and I lie on my right hand side. I can lie on my left and it doesn’t hurt, but I’m carrying an old shoulder injury so I have to be really careful not to aggravate that! It appears I’m slowly but surely falling apart!


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