We seem to be progressing

Not that I want to jinx it, but Leo seems to be better than he has been in a long time.  He is back to being the happy, smiley little man that he always was.  I had noticed that he was a lot more serious than he used to be but didn’t realise just how much, and for how long he has been like that.  The poor little man must’ve been really struggling.

Over the last two days, the weather has been outstanding.  I have been making a point of avoiding any of the classes that we normally do as i want he to be fully better before being exposed to anything else.  I know that you cant avoid it forever, but you can avoid sharing spit with all of the babies in cheshire! Instead, we have been walking in Tatton Park and playing in the yard and garden at home.

He decided last night that he didn’t want to go to sleep at 7, he had a late nap and recently that wouldn’t have mattered, but i guess as he is feeling better it now does! He came and had tea with us and the rest of the family and he was laughing his head off and generally being cheeky the whole time, I went to be feeling refreshed and happier than I have in a long time as our wonderful little man is fully back.  
This picture was taken at about 9.30pm; not really much sleep threatening.  you can still see his right eye looks slightly swollen, I’m currently unsure of what keeps setting this off.  I’m thinking that maybe he has sensitive eyes and he keeps rubbing either snot or muck in that right one and it makes it swell up.  its pretty much back to normal this morning.
After our walk, we went and had a quick go on the swings at the local park, leo thought this was amazing of course and was laughing his little head off.  Unfortunately, back was to the sun so no usable photos! Here he is checking out the slide though
Just noticed I have written this logged in as Tom, its Sarah though.. darned computers


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