This is getting f*&#ing ridiculous

Leo has woken up this morning with a ridiculously puffy eye, it seems almost bruised and his cough seemed to worsen yesterday evening and into the night.

I am now concerned that whatever infection he had has managed to get from his ears and into his eyes. Clearly, the antibiotics that he is on just aren’t cracking it and I’m seriously at my wits end.

Queue the amazing NHS direct service, we have an emergency docs appointment in a couple of hours and we will take it from there. I need something to be done to actually confirm what bacteria they are fighting, rather than just pumping him full of antibiotics constantly and hoping something will clear it.

Looking back through my blog posts, this all started on the 11th February! That’s over two and a half months ago, this isn’t right, my supposedly healthy child should not still be sick, the frustration from my point of view is driving me to the point that I am going to insist on a bloody isolation chamber with clean air until he’s better. It’s a fucking joke tbh. I don’t normally swear on here but I need to be clear just how far I’m being pushed by this. It has to end, my little man just needs a break, he’s had his turn now.


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