More drugs

Still managing to smile for his daddy

The ear infection is back, or never fully cleared, whichever it may be. We have another course of antibiotics, but a different type this time.

We had a very scary night on Wednesday night, Leo’s temperature was reading 35.5 and I didn’t think much of it at about 10.30 as I was conditioned to be looking for a high temperature. I then took it again at 2ish and it was 35.1 and the thermometer signalled blue. I called NHS direct and they were really quite concerned. Anything under 35 is classed as hypothermia, Tom cuddled him whilst I spoke to them and a nurse called back pretty much instantly. She advised me to feed him and wrap him up to bring up his core temperature, he was still responsive and not floppy so she said it was entirely up to us if we went in or not. We chose not to as he hates the car at the best of times, she advised to call an ambulance immediately if any negative change.

He was really quite lively the next day, happy and full of smiles but then his temp started to creep up again and he struggled last night and was horribly congested, poor little man. He seemed worse again today, so back to the docs as we have the bank holiday weekend upon us.

Ear infection is clearing up, still there in the right ear, even though it was the left one that was worse initially. Carry on doing what we are doing and go from there.

It’s so hard to watch him constantly struggle and he just gets on with it. He rarely cries about it but just can’t settle at night because of all of the congestion. Fingers crossed he will be coming out the other side soon, I know for definite I will keep going back to the docs if this left nostril doesn’t dry up, it never has done and was potentially an indication there was still a bit of infection.

I’m currently on the way to work for a tech team meeting, I feel so bad leaving them behind but it’s a meeting we have been trying to organise for months, I’m also out with all the team after work but have told Tom to get me back immediately if he’s struggling. Mum and dad can help, but sometimes babies just want their mummy! Although Leo isn’t really like that, it does feel wrong to be out when he isn’t well.


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