When will it end

My poor little man has another illness. Temperature, more snot, increased cough, puffy eyes, disrupted sleep. Basically every orifice on his face is leaking and he’s very unhappy.

Tom has started to feel ill too and my throat is playing up a bit.

I can’t actually believe how long he has been poorly, it’s almost 8 weeks since his first cold and it’s just getting out of hand.

I took him to the docs this afternoon as he was just so unhappy, he has an ear infection again so more antibiotics. Not ideal but what can we do? I say again, I wonder if it’s never quite gone.

Today (in fact yesterday now) was the anniversary of Tom and I first getting together, we nipped out to the local pub whilst mum minded Leo. When we got back, he was awake and crying, but as soon as mum passed him to me he settled, so now it’s back to night time shift work again. Netflix catch up here we come, Tom did the first 3 hrs and Leo was pretty settled, I’m now on shift and his temp has gone up to 38.4 in an hour poor babe. Ibuprofen administered, now for it to kick in! I’m still really restricted to how much active soothing I can actually do because of my back, it’s unfortunate I seemed to have coincided with restless baby! Lots of glute bumping and rocking and hoping it will suffice until he’s in a deeper phase of sleep. Good job I don’t have to work tomorrow really, oh, hang on, yeah I do! At least I’m getting a night of baby cuddles to make it all OK!


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