Fun times

We’ve had some cracking weather the last couple of days and we’ve been attempting to make the most of it. Leo had his first sand encounter and he was pretty happy with it, it was certainly a lot more successful than our grass encounters to date

Don’t make me touch it

He hasn’t yet got used to the feeling of grass actually, funny little man.

We had a lovely walk in Tatton Park too, I was lucky enough to get a puncture at the top of the park and the only kit I had with me was a pump. I kept having to do some pulling apart of the wheel and pumping up, just so we could limp home!

I’ve been helping to look after my sisters youngest whilst she has been recovering from her surgery. Now that’s an eye opener, I’m not sure how anyone manages two children under the age of two. I’ve been pretty proud of myself so far, but I have them both for the morning tomorrow and I’m all alone. I can cope fine until I need to put Leo down for a snooze without losing Seb and also hoping he stays quiet for long enough to let me get Leo to sleep. This isn’t usually an issue as he drops off really quickly, typically, this wasn’t the case today.

The next fun then comes when Seb needs a nap, he will only sleep in the car. Bearing in mind the Leo isn’t the greatest when it comes to travelling, so tomorrow could be interesting!

We went to the docs for Leo’s cough and she has prescribed a none steroid inhaler inhaler for use before bed and through the night if required. It’s not asthma or an infection, it’s just irritation in the airways that this will hopefully help. He seems to be coughing a little less, but it’s still going strong and waking us up unfortunately, although he seems totally unperturbed with it so that’s something.

His sleeping through appears to have been a two off also.. But thats OK as I missed him anyway!


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