So much disruption

Happy at nursery!

First proper morning at nursery on Monday whilst I was in work. We had a bit of a shaky start as he was really ready for a sleep about half an hour before we left; he’s still struggling with his night sleeps because of phlegm and other unknown disturbances (teeth ;-)) and this is impacting his day sleeps. This first, early sleep that he is chasing again had gone completely just before he got poorly, but he needs it again now.

This meant that I got him in the car and he was grizzly. I had packed everything ready and into the previous night which helped a lot, and I promised myself I wouldn’t rush him as I don’t want to introduce any stress into the morning routine. This is our reconnection time after the night and before I go to work and leave him. Grizzly going into the car is never good news, the traffic on a Monday morning isn’t great and I was a little worried about getting stuck and having a baby meltdown.

I reached a load of traffic before the motorway and he wasn’t happy at all, so I turned off and went back around the country lanes for half an hour to get him to sleep, once sleeping, the traffic had cleared and we were off.

He was pretty good at nursery again, he refused to eat their food but took the milk I left for him which is good. They said he got upset in the high chair again, so I am going to take the travel high chair with me as he is better in this than a full size chair. I personally think it’s also because he is tired when they do lunch time, he always gets mad at me if I try and feed him when he wants to sleep.

When I got there to pick him up, he was merrily snoozing and had been for over an hour. I got him home and he wolfed down some cheese on toast and then at tea time, he obliterated 4 fish fingers and a load of vegetables.

Last night’s sleep was much better after a slightly shaky start with him coughing. He slept right through to 2am in his own cot and then through again till 6am in the cot next to our bed. Fingers crossed he’s coming out the other side of this illness and he doesn’t get anything else for a while! I’d like to say forever but that’s just crazy talk!


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