How I feel about it now

I still feel bad for yesterday, and even out of the shock and adrenaline, I believe I let Leo down. I failed to ensure he had everything he needed to be comfortable and I failed to communicate fully with his carers.

I feel I was blinded by not wanting to seem like a neurotic parent, that I fell short on my responsibility to Leo. I need to remember that he comes first and as long as I am doing everything in his best interests, I really couldn’t care less what strangers think of me.

I have all of his kit ready today, but he is still not himself. He woke at 6 but didn’t actually want to be awake so is asleep again from 7.30. He is curled up next to me, struggling with his snotty nose, poor babe.

I reckon he will be awake around 8.30, so this means that he will want to have a sleep about 11ish at nursery. This directly clashes with their lunchtime, not some I can help unfortunately and it will be interesting to see how they accommodate us. I will let them know that I am just outside and I will be coming back in about 10.45 to show them his sleep routine. Not sure how they will take this, but hey ho, that’s what is happening.

I need to remember to not shy from my wants and be clear and concise in my communication.. Sod it if they think I’m a tit, I don’t really care if they don’t hold my views as long as they look after Leo.


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