That was unpleasant

Leo had his 3rd induction day at nursery today. Just a couple of hours but without me there at all. Unfortunately, as he has been poorly, the timings of sleep have been all over the place and clashed with the end of this session. I thought he’d be OK and manage the extra half an hour.. Well, I thought wrong. He was beside himself when I got there and they had tried to get him to snooze but he didn’t want to know.

I totally forgot to take his sleep stuff with him, I had it all the day before and I’m so annoyed with myself. I’ve failed my little man on the first biggest challenge of his life and I feel physically sick. His little body was gasping with sadness when I got there.

I had contemplated moving the induction to next week but didn’t, I wish I had now. I know I can’t protect him from pain all his life, but I can do my best to have him as well prepared as possible, but I didn’t and I am furious with myself for that.


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