Zippy magic

Morning cuddles

I decided to put Leo back in his zippy to see if that helped him.. It did, beautifully. He slept right through to 2.30 in his own room and then through to 6 in the cot next to the bed.. Tom even got to sleep in bed rather than on the floor!

I’m just going to leave him in it for now, especially with going to nursery and being under the weather. Clearly he isn’t ready to come out of it and there is no harm in leaving him in it anyway. I am going to fashion up something similar for him to go to nursery with, I say that like I’m a master sewer; I’m not!

He’s still pretty snotty today but it’s much thicker and his little chest sounds a bit sore so I will keep an eye on him and leave the doctors appointment in place for Thursday. I just need to know the ear infection is totally gone.

I’ve been thinking about how I am going to work everything when I am back working full time. I don’t want to spend each afternoon doing chores once I have picked up Leo, so prep is key.

I need to get in the habit of making meals that freeze well and I can double up on. I am also just testing out some potential breakfast muffins that we can both eat on the way in, or at least Leo can and I can eat it whilst getting ready. My aim is to maximise our together time and not have to rush around. I love our slow, cuddly starts to the day and I want to try and keep those up as much as possible.


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