It’s funny what makes you feel bad

I am in the middle of Leo’s induction at nursery, and as part of it you have to list dietary requirements.

As we don’t like to eat meat that hasn’t had a good, outdoor and free life, I chose to put Leo down as vegetarian. However, sometimes the vegetarian option is Quorn. I stopped using Quorn some years ago because of all the additives that are in it, so I then had to just say no processed meat i.e
Ham, bacon etc. I explained why, it seemed to fall on deaf ears.

I then obviously said no refined sugar, I think this is becoming more common.. However, further on in the discussion Calpol was mentioned and I explained I’d rather have the sugar sweetened one than the sugar free; mindblown!

I also stated I didn’t want him to have margarine or similar spreads, only butter, by that point I could tell she was becoming bored of me! I genuinely don’t expect people to get it, that’s not what has annoyed me. My apologetic approach to asking for it is what has annoyed me. I shouldn’t give a shit if they think I’m a precious idiot, this is my choice and we are paying a fair wack for the service, so why shouldn’t I have my say.

I need to work on that, I believe in what I feel about certain foods and additives, so why was I so pathetic?!


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