Its got to be his teeth

If we say it often enough, we might get it right eventually! He’s be so off again, not happy at all and really quite snotty again. He rejected boob one day and the next he didn’t want anything but. He ended up with terrible nappy rash yesterday that made him wince and isn’t sleeping properly again. I don’t want to think it’s another cold, so we keep blaming his teeth!

It’s never ending at the minute and I find it really demoralising. I work so hard to make sure he has organic, freshly made, balanced meals daily yet he just seems to be constantly ill. For the first time ever I wonder if it’s worth the time, effort and money. No one else I know faffs about with it like I do and their babies aren’t constantly poorly! I feel like I’m failing him and is so frustrating.

He also has his nursery induction starting tomorrow, that’s not really what the poor little man needs to add to the distress of whatever is going on for him now!

On a lighter note, he had his first feel of grass today.

Gently checking out a daisy.. So unlike him
Mucky pup
Oh, I’m not sure I like the feel of that actually!

When he first touched it he was really quite unsure and just kept balancing on his tummy so his hands were off the ground!


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