Cruisin’ along on my little feet….

Despite being riddled with snot and illness, our amazing little man is still progressing well. I’m sure he would be progressing quicker if he wasn’t struggling, but progress is progress. He’s currently getting to grips with what I believe is known as cruising.

He hasn’t grasped the fact that not everything is stable, but he’s getting there and has little bruised knees and shins to prove it.

It’s so lovely seeing them master something new, and seeing the untarnished enthusiasm and determination that they posses at this age.


More drugs

Still managing to smile for his daddy

The ear infection is back, or never fully cleared, whichever it may be. We have another course of antibiotics, but a different type this time.

We had a very scary night on Wednesday night, Leo’s temperature was reading 35.5 and I didn’t think much of it at about 10.30 as I was conditioned to be looking for a high temperature. I then took it again at 2ish and it was 35.1 and the thermometer signalled blue. I called NHS direct and they were really quite concerned. Anything under 35 is classed as hypothermia, Tom cuddled him whilst I spoke to them and a nurse called back pretty much instantly. She advised me to feed him and wrap him up to bring up his core temperature, he was still responsive and not floppy so she said it was entirely up to us if we went in or not. We chose not to as he hates the car at the best of times, she advised to call an ambulance immediately if any negative change.

He was really quite lively the next day, happy and full of smiles but then his temp started to creep up again and he struggled last night and was horribly congested, poor little man. He seemed worse again today, so back to the docs as we have the bank holiday weekend upon us.

Ear infection is clearing up, still there in the right ear, even though it was the left one that was worse initially. Carry on doing what we are doing and go from there.

It’s so hard to watch him constantly struggle and he just gets on with it. He rarely cries about it but just can’t settle at night because of all of the congestion. Fingers crossed he will be coming out the other side soon, I know for definite I will keep going back to the docs if this left nostril doesn’t dry up, it never has done and was potentially an indication there was still a bit of infection.

I’m currently on the way to work for a tech team meeting, I feel so bad leaving them behind but it’s a meeting we have been trying to organise for months, I’m also out with all the team after work but have told Tom to get me back immediately if he’s struggling. Mum and dad can help, but sometimes babies just want their mummy! Although Leo isn’t really like that, it does feel wrong to be out when he isn’t well.

When will it end

My poor little man has another illness. Temperature, more snot, increased cough, puffy eyes, disrupted sleep. Basically every orifice on his face is leaking and he’s very unhappy.

Tom has started to feel ill too and my throat is playing up a bit.

I can’t actually believe how long he has been poorly, it’s almost 8 weeks since his first cold and it’s just getting out of hand.

I took him to the docs this afternoon as he was just so unhappy, he has an ear infection again so more antibiotics. Not ideal but what can we do? I say again, I wonder if it’s never quite gone.

Today (in fact yesterday now) was the anniversary of Tom and I first getting together, we nipped out to the local pub whilst mum minded Leo. When we got back, he was awake and crying, but as soon as mum passed him to me he settled, so now it’s back to night time shift work again. Netflix catch up here we come, Tom did the first 3 hrs and Leo was pretty settled, I’m now on shift and his temp has gone up to 38.4 in an hour poor babe. Ibuprofen administered, now for it to kick in! I’m still really restricted to how much active soothing I can actually do because of my back, it’s unfortunate I seemed to have coincided with restless baby! Lots of glute bumping and rocking and hoping it will suffice until he’s in a deeper phase of sleep. Good job I don’t have to work tomorrow really, oh, hang on, yeah I do! At least I’m getting a night of baby cuddles to make it all OK!


We are ill, AGAIN! This time he has conjunctivitis, he woke up on Friday morning with sticky eyes and I knew straight away we were done for! Whipped him to the docs in the afternoon, and after a pretty pointless appointment, we got some drops.

He isn’t overly keen but we are managing to get them in, it’s not got any worse but at the same time it isn’t loads better. Nursery have said he can go in, but I will see as I’m working all week anyway and I don’t want them to fight with him to get drops in.

I went to look at a different nursery yesterday, I’m just not settling with this one. They have said they will give me more feedback but it just not quite right for me and you have to follow your instincts!

Fun times

We’ve had some cracking weather the last couple of days and we’ve been attempting to make the most of it. Leo had his first sand encounter and he was pretty happy with it, it was certainly a lot more successful than our grass encounters to date

Don’t make me touch it

He hasn’t yet got used to the feeling of grass actually, funny little man.

We had a lovely walk in Tatton Park too, I was lucky enough to get a puncture at the top of the park and the only kit I had with me was a pump. I kept having to do some pulling apart of the wheel and pumping up, just so we could limp home!

I’ve been helping to look after my sisters youngest whilst she has been recovering from her surgery. Now that’s an eye opener, I’m not sure how anyone manages two children under the age of two. I’ve been pretty proud of myself so far, but I have them both for the morning tomorrow and I’m all alone. I can cope fine until I need to put Leo down for a snooze without losing Seb and also hoping he stays quiet for long enough to let me get Leo to sleep. This isn’t usually an issue as he drops off really quickly, typically, this wasn’t the case today.

The next fun then comes when Seb needs a nap, he will only sleep in the car. Bearing in mind the Leo isn’t the greatest when it comes to travelling, so tomorrow could be interesting!

We went to the docs for Leo’s cough and she has prescribed a none steroid inhaler inhaler for use before bed and through the night if required. It’s not asthma or an infection, it’s just irritation in the airways that this will hopefully help. He seems to be coughing a little less, but it’s still going strong and waking us up unfortunately, although he seems totally unperturbed with it so that’s something.

His sleeping through appears to have been a two off also.. But thats OK as I missed him anyway!


Leo has slept through the night without feeding for the best last two nights.. We however, have woken up every hour because of him coughing.

It’s just not getting any better, in fact, I feel like he’s getting worse! We’ve raised his head end of the bed, covered the place in baby olbas, covered him and his feet in snuffle babes rub, bought an humidifier, steamed him in the bathroom and still, no improvement. It breaks my heart.

We have a doc appointment tomorrow but I’m not convinced they will shed any light! It’s so frustrating not being able to help and it’s been going on for so long

So much disruption

Happy at nursery!

First proper morning at nursery on Monday whilst I was in work. We had a bit of a shaky start as he was really ready for a sleep about half an hour before we left; he’s still struggling with his night sleeps because of phlegm and other unknown disturbances (teeth ;-)) and this is impacting his day sleeps. This first, early sleep that he is chasing again had gone completely just before he got poorly, but he needs it again now.

This meant that I got him in the car and he was grizzly. I had packed everything ready and into the previous night which helped a lot, and I promised myself I wouldn’t rush him as I don’t want to introduce any stress into the morning routine. This is our reconnection time after the night and before I go to work and leave him. Grizzly going into the car is never good news, the traffic on a Monday morning isn’t great and I was a little worried about getting stuck and having a baby meltdown.

I reached a load of traffic before the motorway and he wasn’t happy at all, so I turned off and went back around the country lanes for half an hour to get him to sleep, once sleeping, the traffic had cleared and we were off.

He was pretty good at nursery again, he refused to eat their food but took the milk I left for him which is good. They said he got upset in the high chair again, so I am going to take the travel high chair with me as he is better in this than a full size chair. I personally think it’s also because he is tired when they do lunch time, he always gets mad at me if I try and feed him when he wants to sleep.

When I got there to pick him up, he was merrily snoozing and had been for over an hour. I got him home and he wolfed down some cheese on toast and then at tea time, he obliterated 4 fish fingers and a load of vegetables.

Last night’s sleep was much better after a slightly shaky start with him coughing. He slept right through to 2am in his own cot and then through again till 6am in the cot next to our bed. Fingers crossed he’s coming out the other side of this illness and he doesn’t get anything else for a while! I’d like to say forever but that’s just crazy talk!

Ditching the dairy

Leo’s snot and cough just aren’t clearing up, so I’ve decided to cut dairy out of his diet until it’s sorted. He has almost seemed worse again at night when the phlegm settles on his chest.

He loves all things dairy, so it’s going to require some extra work to be successful. I have got him some (scary expensive) coconut yoghurt and, after the initial shock, he seems happy with that. I also made some coconut milk to try on his breakfast, he wasn’t mad keen on that but it was also the first time he had had weetabix.

I didn’t want to go down the weetabix route, it contains pointless sugar that is easily avoided. However, I am conceding so that I can find something he will start to ear at nursery. The options in nursery are rice krispies, baby porridge (I don’t want him to take a step back in what he’s eating textures wise and he’s well beyond that) or they make plain porridge for another baby who is lactose intolerant.

I thought the plain porridge was the best option, but he flat out refuses to eat it and gets quite upset when I keep trying. The last thing I want to do is create an eating issue just for the sake of a tiny bit of sugar. I asked them if they would make some stewed apple to go in the porridge, but they won’t and they won’t accept anything I’ve made at home, which I get.

As with everything in life, you need to pick your battles and I have decided that establishing a good eating routine is more important than hidden sugar for now. It’s important that they enjoy what they are eating, especially in an environment where they don’t have the capacity to spend 45mins at a meal like I do. If I’m introducing a new taste, sometimes I have to keep giving him it in-between bits of food I know he loves and he eventually gets it. If I just give him that new taste, he shuts down, and that is not what I want.

The other thing I have had to give in with, and this is the one that sits really badly for me, is the milk I am leaving him with. I have had to go for formula for when he is in nursery as he just straight up refuses to drink my frozen, expressed milk. I’m gutted, all the time and effort I put into storing it and it’s useless. This excess lipase issue is a pain and I just wish I had realised when I was initially stock piling, now I just have a freezer full of wasted time. I can’t even put it in food because it tastes horrific!

I had to reason with myself that he isn’t eating the solid food they are giving him, so I can’t leave him to starve and I have committed to being in work anyway. For the sake of one bottle a week, I am having to sadly opt for formula. I feel like a failure just writing it!


One thing I love to do, is streamline pretty much any process I possibly can. This is what makes me good at my job and it is something that I am naturally good at and enjoy!

The obvious one to attack is my morning routine with little man and getting to work. I want to maximise his sleep time, minimise any stress and enjoy that time with him as well as getting food of some sort into him before he goes to nursery. I also need to get him in the car before he is tired. The process has to start from the previous day.

Things like washing, meal prep, bag packing and car packing can all be done the evening before. I want as little as possible to impact on my post 3.30pm pick up time with Leo but I also want a bit of wind down time with Tom once Leo is in bed.. Balancing act!

I will put clothes/nappy washes on when I get home. I am going to stop washing nappies everyday as I want to wash them separately from our clothes, this will allow me to do a better wash job of them and also take up less days hanging stuff out! I need more nappies!

I am in the process of thinking up some easy week night meals, we will just do a rotation to keep it simple and then push the boat out at weekends. At least if Leo is eating in nursery in the day, I don’t have to worry about that too. I need to have a lunch I can easily eat whilst walking back from the gym, as I plan on going most lunch times when back at work. I also need a breakfast I can eat whilst doing in a morning, so a healthy, nutrition packed muffin would be good and then have a yoghurt smoothie mid morning with my chia and Flax in it and I can just consume this at my desk.

My hair, makeup and getting dressed doesn’t take long, I just need to have it out and ready! It’s the food prep that is going to take some time to plan, but my main aim is to not have any stress. I want to have enough time to enjoy Leo as well as enough time to avoid tantrums and resistance as he gets older!

Something to work on


Nursery was a success today. I got there to a happy little camper, sitting on one of the lady’s knees whilst blowing raspberries. He’d had a nap, only half an hour but he tends to do that to begin with in a new place.

He took some milk off one of the staff, but wouldn’t have any normal food. He’ll get there with that though I’m sure.

We went and met Tom in Manchester for lunch and he wolfed down some fish fingers, so he was obviously hungry but didn’t like what he was being given.

I feel so much better now. I do blame myself for yesterday as it was my fault, but I have accepted that and it wasn’t intentional, just stupid and very out of character. I accept that people make mistakes though, so it’s done with in my personal blame game now.