Cold turkey

It has become apparent over the last few weeks that Leo was getting ready to ditch the zipedeezip. He’s shown increasing interest in using his hands whilst going to sleep. Due to being poorly and then away, I haven’t bothered doing anything about it.

I decided a couple of days ago to wash his zipedeezip and let it dry by itself, which meant daytime snooze without it. He played about with Ewan for a bit, flicking his ears around and then rolled over and went to sleep. It only lasted half an hour, but he was the same when transitioning from his swaddle to the zipedeezip.

I totally forgot to get the zipedeezip out of the machine to dry it so he had to go to sleep that night without it. What a fidget bum! He woke a lot and needed comforting a few times, he also kept rolling onto his tummy and waking himself up. I think he was a bit warm too as I had him in a sleeping bag. He spent the most of the night in the cot next to me so I could easily reach him. He has been doing that recently anyway because of my back being so bad, Tom brings him to me when he won’t settle with a dummy and then we just leave him there.

He was a bit better last night, we’ll get there, it’s all new ways for him and as always, he’s doing a brilliant job of dealing with it.


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