Fantastic times

This weekend we headed over to sunny Peterborough to visit some of our friends. I was slightly worried as it was so close to being in Lincolnshire last weekend and Leo still isn’t back to himself and his sleeping is all over the place. Tom is also poorly and I was convinced I was going to join him..

We had a great journey over, Leo was once again a sweetheart in the car and the weather was on our side. We set off about 6am to avoid the carnage of bank holiday traffic and Leo took it merrily in his stride.

Saturday was a train journey and a trip to Cambridge.

Leo was pretty enthralled by the train ride and found the changing view pretty mesmerising. He is coped, as always, brilliantly with being out and about all day but we had to cut the day a tiny bit short as I was exhausted. I hadn’t slept well as Leo was a bit fidgety and kept banging his head on a hard bit of the travel cot, so I had got him out and lain on the floor with him on a towel. He slept great, I didn’t though! I eventually moved him in bed between Tom and me and then slept very lightly as spent the whole time worrying Tom would roll onto him!

In his little perch at the fantastic Smoke Works

Last night was a tiny bit better, I managed to settle him with the dummy when he woke at 11.30. This has been his latest trick and he won’t take the dummy, but I persuaded him last night. When I eventually fed him in the wee hours, I just left him between Tom and I. My back is still suffering though and sleeping at a random angle all weekend hasn’t helped matters.

We are now on our way home, it dawned on me that I didn’t want to be risking driving home in the bank holiday Monday so we braved an evening journey. Something we haven’t done since our disastrous journey home from Silverstone some months ago. It’s a gamble, he’s currently sleeping but is there little bit restless, if he wakes now that could be meltdown central as it was light when he nodded off and it is now pitch black! Fingers crossed, only 20 mins to home!


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