Too many opinions

I am a self confessed obsessive reader, however, having Leo has taught me that you can read too much. I never thought I would say free access to information is a bad thing, but in the case of a little, unpredictable being, there can be.

I am also a self confessed over thinker, again, something else that is pretty pointless when it comes to little people. There is absolutely no way you can predict or control what is going on for them. You can understand to an extent, but it’s still basically guess work.

Leo decided that he didn’t want his dummy to sooth him through the night whilst we were away, so I had to feed him when he woke. It was only one more time than usual, but I put it down to strange place and still being a bit poorly.

He carried on once we were home and I attempted to just put my hand on and shush him but he wouldn’t stop crying and I felt awful so immediately scrapped that and accepted that it was just another phase he was in. My back is still utterly obliterated so Tom has been getting up and bringing him to me, Leo also decided not to settle in his cot after feeding him so I’ve just been having him next to me in bed. He isn’t a clingy baby, so if he feels the need for closeness and comfort, then that’s exactly what he is going to be given and I immediately put a stop to myself over thinking it all and just accepted it.

The night before he slept straight through to almost 4am and then last night he was restless almost hourly so we moved him back in with us.

I think I could drive myself mad trying to understand it, so I’m not. I just wish my back wasn’t so agonising as getting him up and and around and also being a bit sleep deprived is an absolute killer when you’re in pain.


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