It’s a struggle

My back is still totally screwed. Picking up the little chubster out of his cot is an absolute killer 😦 I can sort of adjust myself when picking him up of the floor as I can lean and bend away from the pain, the cot and any of his high chairs etc are a different story.

I’m also only just really getting over the tummy bug I had, it’s really knocked me for six. Exacerbated by the fact I never get unbroken sleep I’m sure, but we’ll get there. I’ve messaged my chiropractor to see if he has any appointments this week, I’m pretty chokka with things though so hopefully, there will be something.

I’m taking Leo to the osteopath this afternoon. Whenever I pick him up his little spine cracks, right between his shoulder blades. Whilst he doesn’t react, I’m sure it’s not right and I’d imagine it’s down to his dragging technique that he’s developed. Our physio told Tom that his winged scapula’s were caused by that sort of action as a child, so I want to make sure Leo doesn’t have the same problem.

The gorgeous little man still isn’t himself, there are some super evil bugs around at the min. His ears seem to be better but he is still so horribly congested poor babe. I can’t wait for the weather to change and be done with all of this, it seems like one of us has been ill at least since January and it’s really quite tiresome now!


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