So, even though Leo’s temp came down yesterday evening and has stayed down, he’s definitely not himself.

Tom took first shift, I noticed when the I gave Leo his last feed that I felt a bit nauseas. I didn’t think much of it as I do sometimes get nausea when breastfeeding. I still felt quite sick at tea time, but soldiered on and ate anyway. Leo woke after an hour and a half last night and was inconsolable. He just doesn’t cry like that, so it’s very upsetting. We gave him some calpol and he settled again pretty quickly.

Tom woke me at 11ish as Leo woke up hungry. I still felt dreadful but Tom was basically dead on his feet from only having 5 hrs sleep the night before. He just asked me to cover a couple of hours.

They were a tough couple of hours. I felt soo ill, I never got comfortable. I was desperate to give Tom longer so I tried popping Leo back in his cot at that point. He never moved and I crawled back into bed, but I felt so ill that I couldn’t sleep. Finally, at about 3 am I was violently sick. I then crawled back into bed but still couldn’t sleep as all my joints hurt.

Leo then stirred but Tom took him back on after I fed him. He still wasn’t settled this morning and wouldn’t eat so I booked him in with the docs.

He has an ear infection in both ears and has to have his first set of antibiotics which I’m gutted about, but I we haven’t got a choice. I sure his little body was winning the fight but he just needs a little help. He’s been so long incredible throughout it all, it makes me cry a little when I think about it. Ear infections are horrific and he really has soldiered on regardless. He’s an amazing little man, we’re both so lucky and so proud to have him in our lives


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