Here we go again

We have a poorly little pickle again. He started fidgeting about 3 hrs after he went down and wouldn’t settle, I got him out of his cot to hold him and he was on fire. I took his temperature and it was normal, so I took it again with a different thermometer and it was still OK. I had to strip him down to his nappy and open the window in his room.

After an hour of bouncing, he eventually settled on my lap, once he was in a deep sleep I managed to transfer him to his own cot and he snoozed fairly well for a few hours. I then fed him and he slept in our bed for a couple more hours.

He’s not a happy little man this morning either, he’s not interested in eating and has dribble pouring out of his mouth because his nose is a bit congested. He’s now napping in my arms, which I absolutely love, I just wish it was under better circumstances 😦


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