Big boy beds and belly snoozing

Sideways sleeping is Leo’s latest trick, that and belly sleeping. Neither are an issue until he comes to fidget and at that point, he can get a little bit shouty!

Being in his own room doesn’t appear to have phased him in the slightest which is great. I had to get up a few times last night though to assist with rearranging. It’s tricky though, I feel if I keep helping him then he won’t learn for himself. I also don’t want him to wake up fully and be upset! It’s probably just a phase as with everything else, until that passes, his music animals will act as barriers to deter rolling. They are firm so not a suffocation risk.

Leo has spent the last couple of days exercising his tongue in a different direction, as you can see! The result of that being totally new sounds this morning. His tongue now flattens and touches the roof of his mouth, allowing the D sound to begin. Looks like Daddy is going to be the first word after all!

I love watching the development of speech, it’s an amazing process and I never expected all the new additions and progressions to be so obvious. Its such a treat to see it all happening.

Don’t mind me, just being a smugo!

Weaning is still going well. I made a crustless quiche the other day, using duck eggs and cottage cheese as well as a whole host of vegetables and garlic. Well, he absolutely loved it! I haven’t the faintest idea where he put it all tbh, but he did amazingly well. We tried a passion fruit which resulted in anger, was too sharp I’d say. He goes read in the face and shouts at me, it’s incredibly funny but I really shouldn’t laugh at him as it’s not very respectful or responsive!


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