Big weekend

Not only was it Leo’s 7 month birthday on Saturday, he spent the night in his own room last night!

He wasn’t in the least bit phased by it, but I felt really quite lonely. I had the camera monitor next to my bed, but it’s amazing how used to a presence you become. His gentle breathing and manic fidgeting has become my bedside norm for the last 7 months and the room felt absolutely, unnaturally silent.. Of course, I didn’t sleep any better and kept waking up to check the monitor. I also could hear pretty much every squeak he made, even if the monitor didn’t react to it. I’m sure I will get used to sleeping the longer stretches, just in time for teeth to make an appearance!

The other cot is still in place next to our bed for such occasions as we can’t fit a bed in the little room, so isn’t quite so convenient should there be a requirement for regular interaction.

He has also decided to throw out his normal day time sleep routines.. It’s absolute carnage! How can a woman plan a day now 😉 we had seamlessly transitioned from 3 sleeps a day and a bedtime of 8pm, to 2 sleeps a day and 7pm bedtime. This weekend, he decided that he didn’t want to have his first nap after 2.5hrs of being awake, which is his normal, and then when he did eventually sleep, it was only for 30mins.

The rest of the day has been anyone’s guess from there, so I decided we would attempt to sleep at 10am and 2pm ish today and see how that goes. He foiled me straight off there and fell asleep after 2.5hrs whilst out walking the dogs, only to wake up immediately when we got home as Sammy shook his head. So, I thought I’d put him straight back into his cot to snooze, not interested. It’s now 9.30 and I’m trying again as he was falling asleep whilst feeding, it’s not going too well! He just likes to rotate into the most awkward position possible in his new cot, he gets his little feet on the bars and pushes round!


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