Best laid plans..

Being an obsessive planner about certain aspects of my life, I got a childminder boxed off before Leo was born as I know demand for places can be quite high.

I contacted her last week to sort out my back to work plans and integrating Leo in gently. I thought it was strange I hadn’t heard back, but thought it was down to half term and being busy. So, I contacted her again yesterday, only to receive a message to tell me she had decided to give up childminding for personal reasons. Marvellous

I decided then that I wanted to go and look at nurseries as there were a few aspects of a childminder that was niggling at me anyway. There are absolutely loads around where I work and a lot of them look and sound amazing. Some don’t have the spaces, but my viewing started today on my way home from work..

I was really impressed, loved the atmosphere, the people, the routines.. They were incredibly accommodating (and so they should be for the price!) they are happy to use reusable nappies and wipes, happy to adapt the menu to be no sugar for Leo and I would have him on the vegetarian options to avoid meat that hasn’t been farmed in a way that I think is acceptable.. It’s given be a great first impression anyway and I am going to see another on Thursday. I feel really positive about it and has made me dread my return to work a little less. I feel like it’ll be really great for him and he can exist in a lovely little community and understand social interaction and experience all the challenges that go along with that.

As one door shuts, another one very quickly opens


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