It’s hanging on in there!

The cold has now claimed us all. Tom started with it on Friday and is merrily fighting it off as we speak! Leo is still super snotty but is managing the whole night in his cot again.

I was out with the NCT crew yesterday evening, so we had a bottle ready for the 2.30 feed as I wouldn’t be out of the alcohol zone by that time.. Would he take it? Would he heckers! Tom basically spent over an hour bouncing him and then I fed him from me. What this did prove (I think) is that this night waking is purely for comfort, how I solve that is a different matter.

I don’t find it particularly inconvenient, but when we move him into the nursery, it will be a lot less convenient. Once I have the cold out of the way, I think I will start moving him on with the dummy again. I stopped this originally as I got less sleep having to resettle him every hour than I did by just waking and feeding him. The other option is a dream feed.

Ive tried dream feeds before and had no luck with them at all, he’s in such a deep sleep when we come to bed and there is absolutely no stirring him into feeding.. Who knows? I suspect this is another one of those occasions where I will get myself wound up about it and it would just be a lot easier to go with it until it eventually times out by itself! We’ll see, I don’t want to end up with a super clingy baby who will only settle with me, although the cuddles in the night are really lovely!


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