Team work

Amazing Daddy, doing amazing daddying

We still have a poorly of pickle, he’s loads better than he was but he’s still recovering and he is horribly snotty and congested. He went down to sleep in his own cot last night, but we got him up and on us as he just kept choking on phlegm!

We took him out today for a walk and the fresh air really seems to have perked him up, he managed to go over 3 hrs between his snoozes and he hasn’t done that since Wednesday. He is really struggling with his chest and coughing now too, I guess as the phlegm is drying up it is getting sticky and heavy on his chest.

He’s been such a little trooper through it all, my mum has it now and she said if he’s had it half as bad as she has then it’s horrific!

I don’t know how I would’ve managed it if it wasn’t for Tom and being able to split the night shifts. My heart goes out to single mums more now than ever!


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