Unnecessary guilt!

We have a poorly little pickle, really quite bad actually. It started the night before last and got worse yesterday afternoon. He has got really congested and has snot pouring down his little face as well as quite a raw sounding cough appearing in the night.

Tom and I took it in turns last night to have him sleep upright on us, as anything other than that made it hard for him to breathe. It’s incredibly sad to listen to him struggling as I know myself that being unable to breathe through my nose drives me insane!

I feel guilty because I feel like I have failed to provide him with the immunity to fight it off before it got to this point. Totally irrational I know, but my breastmilk is supposed to help him to not be ill, and yes, I know it doesn’t work miracles.. But it’s my job to keep him safe and well

We are currently playing in the bathroom with some eucalyptus in the burner and the shower going for some steam, Leo is having a great game with the plunger and the door stop! He has plenty of other toys, but these are way more fun!


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