Fooled you!

Togged up to go and meet daddy in town for lunch

Leo decided that the 12 hour sleep pattern was for losers last night and after hourly fidgets from midnight and me finally feeding him at 3.30, he was all happy smiles and wide awake. Tom took him and played with him for an hour and a half and then he came back and snooze for another hour and a half.

I now have no idea what is going on now and what schedule to aim for! It’s a control freaks worst nightmare!

I am currently sat in a pub car park, with a sleeping baby in my arms after limping back from work between meltdowns, I just couldn’t carry on at this point as he had got himself in a right state. Puffy eyes, choking on his cries etc, it breaks my heart. So I bounced him to sleep, wrapped in a scarf because it’s so cold and I have just managed to get back into the car with him. Looks like I’m stuck here whilst he has a snooze, it’s very sweet!


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