Not for the routine addicts!

Lovely sunny day at the makers markets

Every time you get a routine nailed, it’s guaranteed that your little sneak will switch it up on you!

Having transitioned from the swaddle, I expected nights of broken and shortened sleep. We had one, he has now gone from sleeping for just over 10 hours at night to over 12. His new wakeup time has been 7.30 for the last few days, so we decided to move bedtime to 7pm instead of 8, as a 7.30 start makes everything quite late for me.. We woke up at 7.20 this morning!

He fidgeted at 1.30 and I had managed to sleep through until then from 8.30! A miracle. I then fed him at 4, he has happily been distracted from his 2.30 feed now with a dummy, the only reason I feed at 4 instead of distraction is because my boobs can’t take that sort of time out and I’m in drowning agony by 4 as it is. They need time to adjust to the new routine too!

So now, my carefully constructed routine is totally up in the air and I need to rethink.  He managed 2.5 hours awake first thing, half an hour longer than normal and he is currently up to an hour on this snooze. I think the aim now will be to get at least 4 hours awake time out if him before another nap this afternoon..

It’s going to take some getting used to again, and all in time for him to switch it on up on me again.. And then, I will have to switch it up on him once I’m back in work as we need to leave the house by about 6.50 so that I can drop him with ruzina and be in the office for 8. Poor little man


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