Trusting myself

This is a part of my personality that I battle with regularly. I constantly question my knowledge, intelligence and interpretation of information. I also worry that my opinion on something is going to upset people and they will get pissed off at constantly hearing me go on about something. It’s always in context I might add, I don’t bring things up randomly.

A constant lesson I am trying to teach myself is that if I am passionate about something, I have done my research and formed a valid opinion, then I should give that opinion and not be worried about who it upsets, if anyone. I also shouldn’t care if people get annoyed by it, again, if it’s something I feel passionate about and I know I am informed and not just spouting off, then I should have courage in what I am saying. I need to remember, that conflicting thoughts aren’t there to stop me having an opinion. I am always so quick to blame myself in a situation and I need to knock that on the head once and for all. I want to make sure Leo never sees that side of me, I don’t want him to fear rejection because of an opinion. I want him to understand that the people who walk away because of your valid and well informed opinion, were never destined to be a part of your world anyway, so nothing lost!


2 thoughts on “Trusting myself

  1. I wonder how often other people consider how their opinions affect you? The only time your beliefs become negative to others is if they listen from an already compromised stance (jealousy, lack of grey matter, selfishness) all of which you cannot help… the rest of us however think you're the shizz!

    If anything, your opinions broaden other peoples concept of things and inspire us to want to know more. How can that be bad??


  2. This would be the positive stance and one I hope most people take. I guess I'm so used to hear people assume that they are being criticised, rather than seeing it as a learning opportunity! Which is a shame as we all have so much to learn


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