The unswaddle is on!

I decided to bite the bullet at night and go for it! We put him into his zipedeezip the night before last and it went OK. He was really fidgety every couple of hours, so I didn’t sleep so well, but I still only fed him once. I felt like last night was a vast improvement too, he still fidgeted but didn’t need any intervention from me to assist in him staying asleep.

He was quite grouchy yesterday, I don’t know if that was a coincidence or it had affected his sleep enough to make him feel tired. I also managed to misread his tired signs and totally mess up his sleeps through the day. I was working from home on and off, so mum had him and she said he was fine with her.. Perhaps he was just bored of my face!

We’ll see how he gets on today. I feel less tired so that should be a gauge on his fatigue I reckon. He has also gone off well for his first snooze, so all is well so far.

No long and he will be ready to move into his own room.. Not sure I am ready for that though!


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