The vitamin debate continues

There is so much conflicting advice regarding supplementation with vitamins at baby’s 6 month’s mark. I struggle to believe that a healthy baby, accessing milk from a healthy mother, requires supplements.

OK, I understand that no one can guarantee that they consume a perfectly balanced diet and therefor it is much safer for the health professionals to advise everyone to supplement.. But I’m still unsure.

As a rule, I don’t like to not put faith in medical professionals as they have spent many years reading the literature and research, however, there are plenty of published professionals citing that it isn’t necessary.

There is a vitamin supplement that doesn’t contain any sugar (finally) but it contains the less efficient D2 rather than the activated version; D3. Not the end of the world I suppose as long as everything else in it is worth it and not detrimental to Leo’s health. It also doesn’t contain iron, and from things that I have read, thats a positive as long as your baby isn’t deficient. Leo has no symptoms and there is absolutely no reason why he should, especially as my count was really high at birth point anyway, so he should be readily stocked. I don’t want to add supplemental iron if I don’t have to as it can affect the absorption of iron from the breastmilk and this is the most bioavailable form for them.

Its a mine field, it’s such a concern that they could have a deficiency that could potentially damage their development, but at the same time I don’t want to introduce anything into his little body, that isn’t entirely necessary and is synthetic too.

Conclusion: decision pending!


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