New look and tasty new treats

It’s seems like ages since I last blogged, it isn’t, but so much happens so quickly in this life!

I had all my hair chopped off to donate to  Little Princesses Trust  who make wigs for children who have lost there hair. I got the idea from a girl I used to go to school with and who also cuts my hair, she posted a picture on Facebook and said about the charity on Friday and Saturday lunch time she was chopping mine off!

I love it! I’ve never had short hair though, so have basically no idea how to style it.. It’s going to take some practice! At least there is a little less for Leo to grab now!

The baby led weaning is still going well, I have started trying to feed him nearer being hungry time, rather than after milk as he just wasn’t interested. It doesn’t seem to be stopping him from taking his normal milk feeds either. The latest foods are white fish, hummus and blood oranges.

He went crazy for the hummus (homemade of course) , I gave it to him off my finger to begin with and he just kept grabbing my hand. I then put a big blob of it on rice cake and he just sucked away on that for ages. I just gave him the blood orange segments and he sucked them dry pretty quickly too. Its really quite satisfying watching him eat.


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