Getting adventurous

Mmm, curry!
There is a kiwi firmly smashed in his grasp!

I’m getting a huge amount of pleasure from this method of weaning. I absolutely love all things about food, taste, texture, smells, variety; so being able to share it this way with Leo is fantastic.

I do find myself lying awake at night, planning our meals so that I can incorporate new foods for Leo without going too crazy just yet. I’m hugely paranoid the whole time I’m feeding him in case of allergies, but then that would be the same with normal weaning. I am currently blogging whilst watching him sleep as he has had a few new tastes today and I want to make sure he keeps breathing!

Today’s new tastes were lentil curry that I made last night for Tom and I and it was superb. I used  this recipe, omitted any stock and salt and made his without the spinach (purely because I can’t find anything, even on the baby led sites, saying it’s good at 6 month’s) I left the chilli in there but it really wasn’t very hot. He seemed to enjoy it, we loaded a spoon and gave it to him (he feeds himself at his own pace off the spoon, we never place anything in his mouth) but also put some on his tray for him to grab and smush about, he kept putting it in his mouth so that can only be a good sign!

He also had an egg yolk and cracked black pepper omelette, cooked in olive oil. He was pretty happy about that. Egg is one of the ones I have been worrying about, but we don’t have allergies in the family and the protein that most are allergic to is in the white.  Just separating the whites doesn’t get rid of it all, so he will still ingest some but in a much smaller volume, maybe they suggest it to make people worry less! The yolk is where all the good fats etc are anyway and good fat should be a major portion of a babies diet at this age.

He also had kiwi.. Wow, that was a hit! And not only with Leo. Tom has never eaten fruit, he just gets no enjoyment from it and doesn’t like the texture. I kind of know what sort of tastes he likes now, so if I have some especially good and strong tasting fruit then I get him to try it. These kiwi’s are organic ones from tesco and they are beautifully ripe, so I got him to have a taste and it was a hit there too! Perfect

Im also really lucky as far as Ruzina, our chosen childminder goes. She is vegetarian due to her religion and cooks everything herself from scratch and she cooks Indian fare too; so his relationship with tasty food will carry on with her. I need to discuss a few things with her as far as baby led goes, I’m not sure if it is something she does or has done, so we need to be on the same page. Other things too, like the type of oils she uses are important to me as some are just so bad for the body. Vegetable oil should specifically be rape seed oil and it should be cold pressed too. Whilst I can’t expect her to buy organic due to the expense, I can make sure he gets that where he can and has good quality  non organic at other times.

I won’t be giving him refined sugar either, so how that will be fielded is anyone’s guess as I know her boys do have biscuits periodically. You never know, I may convert her.. Or just make some refined sugar free cookies that she can give to Leo should the need arise.

I don’t really want to substitute things though, I want Leo to learn about what food is good and bad and learn to make these choices himself; I just feel it may be a little beyond the conceptual grasp of a 1 year old.. But, I basically have no idea, so we will see.

I know I will be met with a lot of disdain about restrictions I will place on his diet and I find it so strange and incredibly ignorant of people that they don’t want to educate their children to make good choices about their health and nutrition. I absolutely hate children’s menus in places, I have a huge hatred for seeing children tucking into  big plate of deep fried chips and beans with a scummy sausage to boot.

I got the same disdainful treatment when I was super strict with my diet during pregnancy. I don’t know if it a coincidence or not, but we have a big, strong and healthy baby to show for it. It’s something I am really passionate about, gaining a deeper understanding of what goes on in our bodies at a cellular level has only deepend the drive in me to be healthy! (apart from the last 6 month’s of cake eating frenzy!)


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