Tasty treats

Now that I have realised there is no time restrictions on weaning as in getting it done, I am loving baby led. We’ve been doing it for a couple of days, it’s messy but really good fun.

He’s pretty adept with the veggies now and does seem to consume quite a lot and is reasonably good at getting his aim right. I made porridge today using water and normal oats and added some puree apple for a rough of taste. I made it quite sticky so I could load it on his spoon and it not pour off and his first attempt went in his eye.. All subsequent attempts were way more successful and he did actually eat a fair few bits of it too. I decided to see what it was like to put breakfast all over my face too, somewhat over rated I’d say, but oats are meant to be good for the skin!

I’ve ordered some wild caught salmon for his first foray with meat and I have my eye on some lentil dishes and can’t wait to start adding some herbs and spices.. All very exciting and I love thinking a out food, so this is perfect for me!


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