How can it be so hard!

So, off the back of all the professional advice out there, I am looking for a vitamin supplement for Leo. The ones they say are necessary are iron as the stock they have from birth is pretty much depleted by 6 month’s and it isn’t readily available from breastmilk. Vitamin D, which is touted for everyone in a not so sunny environment. Vitamin C and A also.
Whilst I am a firm believer that a balanced diet can pretty much all the vitamins and minerals you need, smushing a load of avocado, banana and raspberries in your hand is far from balanced.. I find it tricky to think they aren’t getting what they need from breastmilk too tbh.. But I’m searching none the less.

Finding one that is of any good to me is proving really quite tricky.. They all contain huge amounts of unnecessary shite in them; glucose syrup, colouring, flavouring, sweeteners,  D2 instead of D3  and I’ve even found one containing peanut oil.. WHY!?

I am currently looking for them that aren’t all in ones. There are some great ones out there for 1 upwards, but it appears the baby market is just a joke.

We also definitely have a crawler! It’s not very stylish just yet, but it gets the job done!

He followed this ball all the way from one side of the room to the doorway.. Then chewed the door stop
Only happy when he can lick the floor!


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