This week’s affliction

A milk blister! Overall, my booby struggles have gone away since taking lecithin, then last week I had a random blocked ducts start on one side. Being the seasoned coper with that now, I dealt with it and it was gone by morning.. However, I did notice that it was quite painful when he was feeding, which is new!

I thought maybe it was that his gums were harder and that was doing it, but it got more and more sore, so I inspected it and it was indeed a little white blister. Apparently, skin grows over the top if a milk outlet and it backs up behind it. The cure us heat and keep feeding off it to get it to burst.. Or some people burst it themselves. I tried that, way too painful! I couldn’t be bothered warm compression before each feed so figured I’d just grin and bear it until it burst of it’s own accord.. Which I must’ve done on his final bedtime feed as im now pain free! Woo. Hopefully it won’t come back!!


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