This definitely needs refining

As I have started down the cloth bum route, I feel that I need to make the process as efficient and successful as possible. By this, I mean the absorption, layering, washing, packing, storing… The whole shebang.

I am currently focusing on how to make the nappy last as long as possible, without being mahoosive so he can still wear his super cute skinny jeans!

I have found that normal microfibre cloths work really well and absorb an absolute load, he had a bamboo insert in yesterday, which is 4 layers of material and then I folded a normal microfibre cloth into 4 and placed in the front of the nappy. This lasted 4.5 hours but was fairly bulky. I’m not sure if they both have the same absorbency capacity, but I think I will try using 2 triple folded microfibre cloths when I’m at home one day and see how that goes. It should be pretty slimline and I reckon it would go 3 hours min, I could then maybe add a couple of layers of hemp as this can hold more than microfibre but doesn’t absorb as quickly.

I have also ordered a small sample of Zorb II fabric, this is meant to be a titan in its class in both rate and capacity and has the added benefit of not being the bulky and fairly resistant to compression leaks, which I don’t think microfibre will be as it doesn’t have enough density.

The testing continues!


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