The swaddle challenge continues

We are definitely making progress. He is mainly doing his day sleeps with his swaddle bag wrapped around his torso and his arms free in his zipedeezip. We have done a couple of successful sleeps with just the zipedeezip top so far.

This mornings snooze I didn’t even tuck the zipedeezip sleeves under him and he was fantastically calm and is still snoozing. He managed an hour yesterday morning so potentially will this morning as long as the nappy holds out. I didn’t think it through when I changed him and only put a single layer flip nappy on, which will struggle to last that long and it was on for half an hour before snoozing. It’s all a learning curve. I will aim to be just in the zipedeezip next week and then introduce it overnight! Scary stuff

We are progressing with weaning, he hasn’t had any watery nappies since last week so I have continued, I just won’t introduce the rice and porridge until next week in case that wasn’t helping. He has been having stewed apple the last couple of days and he LOVES it.. Unsurprisingly!

I will be giving him his first taste of sweet potato today for his lunch and I will look to try him on some broccoli florets at the weekend. I think I will combine baby led nd puree to begin with, it just feels right for us. He can get used to the feel and look of the food and feeding himself, but at the same time actually managed to eat some too!


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