New challenges

So, we are finally embracing cloth nappies. I met a lovely lady at the breastfeeding clinic that we go to and both of her babies are cloth bums so she gave us a demo/training session with them. One of the other girls from NCT is having a go too, but she is considerably more brave than me and has just gone at it full throttle. I’m being my usual research /planning self and taking extensive notes on my findings as I go.

One of the unknowns is whether Leo is classed as a heavy wetter! I don’t think he is at night as his nappy after 11 hours is only just full really. I have always noted that he is pretty hardcore first thing in a morning though so we shall see. I’m testing all combos out at the minute and keeping track in my faithful app!

Obviously, the more boosters you have then the bigger their little bottoms end up. Not a problem at night really but in the day it’s not great, especially when I like Leo in his skinny jeans.. It just means I will have to make sure I change him regularly.

There are challenges to this definitely, but it will be as with anything new. It will seem like a chore for a while whilst I get used to it and then it will just be second nature and I will have to train up mum, Tom and the childminder!


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