Stiiiiill poopin!

Not that it seems to be bothering him, but I can’t help but be bothered. I took him to the docs on Friday and he seems to be happy that there is nothing up but can test for an infection if I’m still worried in a few days. I’ve taken him off anything but breast milk to see if that makes a difference, so far it hasn’t.

I noticed a tiny fleck of blood this morning, bright red so most likely it is just from the fact he is going so often, but I have booked him in at the doctors again and I will get them to take a sample.

He is still working on the crawl. If he is on the right surface, he can get movement but it’s not very elegant and I’m not convinced he even realises he’s moving! He did employ a little bit of a drag maneuver yesterday, which Tom did as a baby instead of crawling!

I’ve just settled him down for a nap with my latest tactic. Swaddle sack around his torso with his arms free and then his zipedeezip over the top. It’s great as it stops him fussing around his face so much and gives him a feeling of security whilst still being safe if he choses to roll over. He went off pretty quickly and with very little protest, so we will have to wait and see how long he manages. What I find is that he gets to the 30/45min mark and then stirs, feels less secure and wakes up. He was like this initially when swaddled in the cot and as long as I was there to catch it right, I could persuade him on and he gradually went longer by himself. So that is the plan this time!


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