Swaddling and pooping

For the last couple of weeks, Leo has been pooping pretty much all day! I am convinced it due to tooth movement, but nothing showing on that front just yet. One of the other babes from the NCT group has been through the same and now has a tooth. Leo is fine in himself so I am going with it.

Last night’s fun was poop at 2.30am so I changed him and he pooped again! He was well awake by this point but chilled, so we put him in his cot and let him chat away and he lay looking at ewan for ages without nodding off or getting upset. As he wasn’t progressing to sleep and he was breaking out of the swaddle, I thought I would give unswaddled a go.. Well, it didn’t work and he just proceeded to play around in his cot. Rolled onto his side and started to fall asleep with his face smushed into the matress somehow.. Not what a mummy wants to see, he then rolled over totally and did a combination of push ups, chatting and lying with his face down, smushed into the matress.. Eventually, 2 hours after waking he started to get upset so I swaddled him back up and he fell asleep immediately.

I then spent the next half an hour stressing about how I am ever going to manage to unswaddle him!

So, this mornings snooze mission was to attempt arms unleashed snooze. I still put him in his halo sleepsack and swaddled his torso for a bit if security, then popped him in his cot. Ewan on, Elephant on and dummy at the ready. Dummy in, fingers in, dummy out; roll and cry.. Not very productive.

So, I rolled him back and kept a hold of his sleep sack to prevent rolling again. Gave him giraffe for his fidgety fingers and popped his dummy back in. After a few mins of smashing giraffe, he was snoozing! Woo, I wasn’t convinced it would last though.. And it didn’t.

Bang on half an hour he started to wake, he initially did this when I was first getting him to sleep in his cot so I pretty much knew it was coming. Instead of interacting with him, I put ewan on, give him giraffe and dummy and held his sleepsack to stop him rolling and he was back sleeping after a 10min interlude!

Whilst I appreciate I am still acting as a sleep crutch and have to be involved. I feel like this is the way to go, it feels right for us. It worked with extending his cot sleep a few weeks ago and he was latterly sleeping for over an hour by himself. I will work on it at specific sleeps in the day and I won’t turn it into a cry fest as that just doesn’t wash with me. I will then introduce it in the night, I know it will result in a fair few broken nights as I will be required to intervene until he gets used to it, but if I have established it well in the day, I can snooze with him then.

This too shall pass


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