I need to be stronger

This is a common theme in a lot of my posts now and I know it. I know I come back to the same conclusion every time, but it’s tough when you are new to something and it isn’t in your nature to have confidence in yourself.

Its the good old, ‘your baby should be doing this by now’ trap. So many people are of the opinion that a baby of Leo’s age and size should be sleeping through the night now. The thing that really bothers me is that he is hungry! I know I don’t need to feed him to sleep, so it isn’t an association thing and he feeds properly too.

I did successfully drop his midnight feed for a while a few weeks back, but it all went a bit wrong when I tried to change his sleep time to 7am and I haven’t managed to get it back. I can push him on until around 2.30am to 3ish but it generally involves me waking every hour to pacify him… He has been like this for over two weeks now I’m sure.

So, last night I thought I would see what would happen if I fed the first fussing. He woke just after 11, but then he hadn’t eaten much before bed because I messed my timings up. I fed him and then he didn’t move a muscle until 3ish and I fed him again, he didn’t wake me up until 6.30am then. Now, in my head this totally means that he is genuinely hungry, otherwise he would fuss hourly whether fed or not!

I know that people reckon when they are bigger they can eat more, have more fat etc so shouldn’t need food in the night; but it’s all relative surely? He is bigger, therefore needs more calories so will be no different to a hungry smaller baby.. I’m going with feeding, at least it is wake up and then sleep a few hours before next wake up, rather than stir every hour!

Again, I conclude that I am justified in my opinion and will carry on with following my instincts.. Hopefully it won’t bite me!


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