Consolidate that sleep!

Over the past two weeks, since we have been working on sleeping in the cot in the day, we have noticed that he has gone from routinely waking up after half an hour to going from 45 mins to 1.5hrs. I felt that he was sleeping that long because he needs it but then he always averages out at 13 hrs sleep over a 24 hour period. If he has more than 3 hours in the day, he sleeps less at night (trust me, Tom has run the data from the tracking app to check and it’s pretty spot on!)

So, off the back of that I decided that I could start to push his awake time a little longer and see how we get on. Yesterday was the first day of doing this and it went pretty well. He doesn’t like to go very long in the morning, which is strange, so I am aiming for 2.5 hours before first, 3 hrs + between next and then the same until last snooze before bedtime. The only issue here being he seems to struggle a bit I’d he is awake for 3 hours before bedtime, so I need to have a play with the awake times a bit. It’s just going to be a case of trial and error and watching for Leo’s sleep queues. Just now he started running his eyes about 2hrs 45 mins so I took him to bed and he fell asleep within 2 mins.. So clearly that one was well timed. It’s just a case of entertaining him through it all now.

This sleep was also pretty close to the feed mark, but I don’t want to associate his sleeps with feeds if I can avoid it. He will hit the 3 hrs mark when he is half an hour into his sleep, it may wake him.. We shall see. He generally has to be Ewaned at the 30 mins mark anyway.

Just more stuff for me to work out, I literally spend most of my days thinking about this now!


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