First Christmas

Christmas eve pj’s

We started our family tradition on Xmas eve, our Xmas eve box. I know, very ‘done’ already, but I love it. We had new pyjamas, an ornament, hot chocolate mugs, hot chocolate and a film. We went for Disney Pixar’s Inside Out.. Wow, what an incredible film. As always, it had Tom and I bawling. It touched on emotional management that is important to me, how you shouldn’t ever ignore any emotion and they are all important and make us the people that we are..

Leo treated me to an hour snooze for his first sleep of the day, he fell asleep next to me in bed, which I love. He wasn’t quite himself though I don’t think, he just seemed really tired and was pooping constantly.. I can only assume it’s his teeth on the move.

We had a lovely day with my sister and her family and did way too much eating!

Pretty happy with his ball pit off the Owen’s
The cutest giraffe of my parents
Successful unwrapping of his new foxy rattle off Aunty Hol. He was especially pleased with this parcel as the wrapping paper was perfect for baby hands!
Pretty smug about the whole affair really


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