Another failed unswaddle

Beautiful little man

I just thought I would give it a go, cold turkey again for first snooze. It didn’t work, he happily mooched in his cot for 15mins but then got really mad and thrashy so I swaddled him and he was off in a few mins.

I need to try gradual unswaddling when I’m at home in the day and see.

We are still pooping constantly, no other tooth signs though so I don’t know. He is happy in himself however.

We have tried baby rice and pureed carrot so far this week. He’s not entirely convinced, but seems happier with carrot than rice. The reason we tried was that he has totally gone off his milk first thing in a morning. He is swallowing it well when I can get it to his mouth without him grabbing the spoon , his face is a picture though; it is a pretty horrified and disgusted look the entire time!

Sitting is also going pretty well, he can’t get there by himself but stays pretty well put now if I plonk him down there.. I don’t think it is a bad thing to do with them before they can do it themselves, they can’t successfully do it until they are ready anyway!

Tom and I both feel pretty gross as far as weight goes. I have put off weighing myself until new years day and then it will be full weigh, measure and photos again and I am getting back on it. I ran another 5k park run with my sister on boxing day, pretty pleased with my time of 30mins 20secs as I have done zero training! I really enjoyed it, it’s a great atmosphere and it’s free! It also means that I will build up my cardio stamina for tough mudder in May. My upper body strength needs building back up too or I will definitely struggle, I was pretty strong for total warrior last year and that helped immensely


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