It’s going well

I’ve been working with the schedules for a couple of days and I’m getting on well with it. We decided the 7pm to bed just wasn’t suiting Leo and everything seemed rushed, he works well with his 8pm sleep and his magic number seems to be 10hrs sleep at night and then 3 or more through the day, split across 4 sleeps.

Whilst I wanted to aim for 15, it just doesn’t work for him. He likes his two hours in between and to get close it really causes havoc at the end of the day because of not wanting to go for hours before his last sleep.

I also managed to adapt the sleep around a lunch with the girls last night which shows that I can work with it when necessary, which is key.

We are also successfully snoozing in the cot, it only last half an hour but he’s in there none the less. The breakthrough was suddenly realising that I should swaddle him as I do at night, bingo. He goes off pretty well now too.


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