Scheduling fun

Awake walk in his situp pram! Gosh

I’ve always liked to live by schedules, I think because I used to fit as much as humanly possible into the hours outside of work and at the same time I hate being late!

Babies too like to be creatures of habit, unfortunately, they are somewhat unpredictable but I am now at the point where I feel the need to get a much better daytime routine established. He’s so erratic with his waking up time, that I can’t plan my day properly. So, as much as it pains me to do so, I will be making sure that he he doesn’t sleep past 6.30am and we will be putting him down for the night at 7pm.  Tom suggested this because I was complaining about the fact I can’t get into a routine with his sleeps etc.

I was initially attempting to push his 4.30 feed on as much as possible, the problem with this is that if he feeds at 5.30, he more often than not wakes up then for the day.. Which I dislike a lot. So I am going to try feeding him at this time if he stirs.

What this will then do is allow me to somewhat predict the structure of my day, it does rely on Leo sleeping for the lengths of time that I want however! I will just have different schedules depending on what sleeps he kicks out and what activities he may have on in the day.

I am also going to be a bit more flexible with feed times. Currently he is every 3 hours, but if he needs to sleep just before the 3 hour mark, I will feed him earlier as he may sleep better.. We’ll see.

Tom will run with the evening routine and then we can cook tea once Leo is asleep, claim back a little us time!

Im sure this will all change when I introduce solids into his diet as it is something else to fit in and I will have no idea how long eating will take him. He is only 20 weeks at the min though so I’m not factoring that in just yet, he has started not being interested in morning milk though as he consumes so much at 4.30, so this would be a good time to slot it in I think.


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