First and last of the day

Whilst living in the country is indeed amazing, living where we do is proving a huge source of frustration for me when it comes to places to walk. In a morning, I take Sammy the dog with us for a walk and Leo’s first snooze. There is a little park in easy walking distance from the house, with pavements, which is brilliant. However, now that the leaves have gone off all of the trees and hedges, there are a million places to escape, one being into someone’s back garden! There are also hundreds of pheasants about as we are next to a shoot, and this means Sammy spends most of the walk disappearing. Not a problem as I have a whistle and he eventually comes back, but it’s not relaxing, the constant whistling disturbs Leo’s sleep and it annoys me immensely.

As I have tried driving up the road last week and failed appallingly (mum rescuing us) I thought I could try sticking the carrier on and going to the field I used to walk Sammy on.

Fail again, the traffic on the main  road is horrific. Where you have to cross is really quite blind and I don’t like to run across a road in case you trip. We soldiered on through the mud but it’s just not worth it, I also can’t wash Sammy off whilst Leo is in the carrier, so I’ve had to put the poor little beggar in the cloakroom, absolutely filthy and wet. Not ideal.

On the positive side of things, the carrier cover that my sister bought me for Xmas and bday is great and really easy to put in 👍

The last snooze of the day is still a source of confusion for me. He went off immediately in the carrier yesterday and I have no idea what we did differently!


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