Burgin family Xmas

My beautiful, Xmas jumper boys
Just kickin’ back

Most of the Burgin side of the family are off to Australia on the 11th December for the wedding of Jessy, Tom’s cousin, to Ricky; her Australian fiancé. We would absolutely loved to have gone, but we just couldn’t justify the cost whilst I am on maternity and also, it will be absolutely boiling at this time of year out there so could do very little with a young baby. It’s going to be an amazing wedding so I’m pretty sad we won’t be there.. It is what it is though and it will be an amazing Christmas in Cheshire instead.

We had Holly and Richard, John and Mel, Sue and Tom and I and Sue cooked up a storm as and it was great fun as always. I even managed to squeeze in a couple of drinks as Leo goes long enough on his first snooze for the alcohol to be out of my system. We had expressed milk as a backup should he have chosen to wake.

Sunday we visited Hamerton Zoo Park with our friends, Tom and Hayley and their two children; River and Eevee. It was Eevee’s fifth birthday so we had a little picnic lunch and some cake too! Everything is always great with cake.

We all had a great time and I really liked the place, all the animals were well looked after and none of them looked stressed, in fact it’s the only place I have ever seen cheetah’s look relaxed.

Im torn in general on zoo’s; I think if they are based on conservation and they revolve everything around the animals and enriching their lives as much as they can, then I am happy to support them. I prefer safari parks that attempt to emulate the animals natural environment as much as possible and I don’t think it’s fair to cage big animals if this can’t be achieved. I always find caged polar bears quite sad 😔 but the rate that global warming is progressing, this will be the only way to keep this majestic beast on our planet.

Loving his present opening
Obligatory port!

It was lovely for the Lincolnshire side of the family to see Leo again, he’s done so much developing since the last visit. Sue said he always makes her smile, every photograph she gets of him just fills her with joy and he’s such a lovely little man to be around. It fills me with a lot of pride, we really want to raise a person who has a positive affect on all those he meets, the fact that he has this beautiful soul before us even teaching him anything is just amazing.

Adrian seemed quite interested in him, he even held his hand and smiled on a couple of occasions. There is definitely some sort of recognition from Ade with us, I can’t explain it but he definitely knows there is a connection there. Even though I didn’t get to know him until his illness was quite advanced, I met him soon enough to have a place in his heart and world, of that I am sure and it makes me happy to think that Leo too is there for him and I hope that Leo’s infectious loveliness has had the same affect on Adrian as it does on all others.


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