A question of inspiration

One of my friends posted a question today. Whose body is your inspiration?

I knew the answer to that immediately, and it took me by surprise. It was me; my body inspires me. On the face of it, the response may appear vain, but it is far from that.

After years of over eating and basically abusing my body I decided to get healthy, lose weight and get fit. My body responded immediately and rewarded me justly. I lost 35lbs and looked and felt amazing.

My body has also grown, carried and is nurturing life and it’s amazing.. It has bounced back from being stretched, it has healed from labour and is getting back to fitness at the same time as being fairly well sleep deprived and all of this it just does.

I say don’t aspire to be like someone else, aspire to be the best, healthiest version of you. Aesthetics are just a wonderful side affect and are unique to you.


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